Why Pub & Paint?

Pub & Paint has invested into learning how to grow a successful small business in a booming industry. We already tried and tested multiple pricing variations and have learned how to sustain strong relationships with vendors and customers.

Unlike other companies, Pub & Paint’s model gives artists the resources to operate their own small business without needing to manage things like costly internet design/maintenance fees, online credit card processing and product price negotiation. We’ve done all the hard stuff so that you can focus on bringing your customers the FUN.

Here are some key benefits of joining obtaining a franchise license and start hosting your own Pub & Paint art events:

  • money379 Affordable Licensing Fee’s DISCOUNTED
    Currently Offering (6) Introductory Rates
    We’re artists and we work with artist budgets. Our low cost licensing fee’s are 90% less expensive than the traditional “sip and paint” franchise alternative.
  • website17 A Free Website with custom URL and ticketing processing
    We’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money developing a web presence and digital automation tools to help stay in touch with all of our customers. We make it as easy as possible for our licensees to sell tickets and manage customers.
  • team2 A Community of Partners
    Communication is our strength and our focus. We want to put you in touch with other industry leaders to help develop new ways to succeed with your business.
  • map-pointer2 Premium Territories
    We’re a small and growing brand, currently servicing exclusively in 13 locations in Maryland and Washington DC.  From our experience, everyone loves to Pub & Paint and there is a lot of people outside MD and DC! Territory is currently up-for-grabs on a national level.
  • business112 Corporate Marketing Strategies Implemented
    It sounds important and it really is! Your business becomes targeted in our online advertising campaigns and blasted to thousands of local customers in your area on a regular basis.
  • money No Studio Leases or Liquor Licenses Required
    Unlike studio class businesses, we rely on the space of our partnered venues to hold our events. No monthly rent is required to operate a Pub & Paint.
  • marketing8 Our Custom Online Event System
    Offer your customers discounts and online registration through the PUBANDPAINT.COM portal, which automatically accepts credit card and Paypal payments
  • user220 Telephone and Email Support
    Our support handles customer inquiries as well as following up with private ticket sales in your area. We are passionate about providing a 100% positive customer experience and will go the extra mile to satisfy your painting participants.
  • purchase Solutions For Easy Product Re-Ordering
    We’re constantly searching for the best and most economical items to buy in bulk and stock our eastern shore warehouse with all the materials you will need to throw great parties. Order all your items through our online portal and save lots of time!
  • books8 On and Offline Resources
    In addition to ordering materials online, e provide our licensees with marketing material such as training and display .pdf files, forms and resource material to print and share with staff members.
  •  electromagnetic A Great, Attractive Brand
    Pub & Paint is not only the most reasonable option to build a career as an art demonstrator – but it’s the most stunning and memorable. Our name says it all and so does the experience we provide our customers. Join our team today and love what you do.

Ready to jump on board and love what you do?
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